We offer 3.5% commission and a minimum $2,500 Boost Payment

Stop missing out on the cash you deserve by giving properties to investors who don't pay you. We will make sure you get a 3.5% commission, plus a boost payment dependent on our exit. That is an additional $2,500 check at minimum. Partner with us for rewards and incentives you deserve.

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3.5% Commission 



25% of our profit (JV)

Fix & Flip

Re-List for add .3%

Buy & Holds:

10% Partnership (JV) + Re-List for add. 3%

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Creative Financing for Unmatched Results

Our expertise lies in offering solutions that go beyond conventional approaches. Submit Property Address, Complete the questionnaire, and then just sit back and relax - we'll take care the rest. This is literally a 'No Harm, No Foul' situation.

Motivation and Property Issues come in many forms:

  • Pre-Foreclosures

  • Truly Distressed Properties

  • Short Timelines / Sellers in a Hurry

  • Unable to lower the price Due to Low Equity

  • Interest Rates Blocking Buyers

  • Won’t Pass Inspection

  • Un-financeable Houses

  • Needs Major Renovations

  • Expired Listings

  • Slow/Winter Season

  • Liens, Judgements, or Title Issues

  • Pocket Listings

  • And More!

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Why Choose Agent Commission Boost?

Agent Commission Boost offers Real Estate Agents an extraordinary 3.5% commission on all closed properties. In addition to this 3.5% commission, agents will also enjoy another substantial check with our 'Boost Payment Incentive Program'.

After a property has been purchased, there are three possible things a buyer can do with a property: The Buyer Can Assign The Contract, Fix & Flip It, or Buy & Hold It.

We ensure that your substantial 3.5% commission (or finder's fee) is complemented by an additional Boost Payment.

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Assigned Contracts:

Agents will receive an extra $2,500 if we end up assigning the contract.

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Fix & Flips:

Agents will be allowed to be the listing agent after renovations for an additional 3% commission after renovation.

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Buy & Holds:

Agents can JV (partner) with us for 10% of the monthly rental income profits. Then you will also be allowed to be the listing Agent if/when we decide to sell the property for an additional 3% commission.

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This innovative approach ensures agents not only receive competitive above-standard compensation but also enjoy substantial bonuses, maximizing their overall earnings potential in the dynamic real estate market.

If we close on your property, you automatically earn a 3.5% commission. But that's just the beginning. We go beyond the standard, offering a Boost Payment that significantly enhance your overall earnings.

  • If we assign the contract, you'll receive $2,500 from our 'Management & Services Fee'.

  • If we fix and flip, you can become the listing agent and earn an additional 3% commission.

  • If we buy and hold, we can JV on the deal and you'll get 10% of rental profits (via monthly checks) PLUS become the listing agent when we sell the property for an additional 3% commission.

Imagine the impact on your earnings. On a $200k house, your 3.5% commission is $7k. If we 'assign' the property, you'll also receive a Boost Payment of $2,500, which brings the total to $9,500. Send us a property just once a month, and you could be looking at an annual income of $114,000. Remember, the earnings potential is even higher with flips and holds — partnering with us just makes sense!

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We Empower Agents, Elevating Success

Agent Commission Boost isn't just about transactions; it's about transformation. Our goal is to become part of your team, and you part of ours. We're looking to build relationships, as well as your wealth.

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Failed Inspections

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Needs Renovations

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Expired Listings

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Low Equity

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Ready to get started?

Whether you're an experienced Real Estate Agent or new to the industry, we've created a simple solution for submitting property addresses. Whether it's a listing you have or just a property you've come across in a neighborhood, we've made it easy for you to share. If you believe a property has great potential for investors, go ahead and submit the address. Do you have a motivated seller desperate to sell their property?

Collaborate with Agent Commission Boost to maximize your commission earnings while assisting homeowners in selling their properties.

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