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Maximizing Your Earnings with Agent Commission Boost

Agent Commission Boost simplifies and maximizes your real estate earnings by transforming problem properties in El Paso, San Antonio, and Austin. We'll look at any property in the United State, especially 'Pocket Listings' and Very Motivated Seller's.

Let us be the Problem Solvers that earn you income just by submitting a Property Address. The more information you can provide, the faster we can submit an offer.

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Maximizing Earnings with Agent Commission Boost

Are you a real estate agent grappling with problem properties? At Agent Commission Boost, we specialize in helping agents with properties that drain time and resources. If you have listings on the market for 90 days or more, pocket listings, or properties with low or no equity, we can assist you in turning these situations around. Do you have a 'Pocket Listing', a listing that has not been on the MLS yet? We'd love the opportunity to make an offer on those properties, as well. We can close in a fraction of the time compared to conventional purchases. You can submit any Motivated Seller's Property.

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Your Commissions and Boosts Payments.

If we close on your property, you automatically earn a 3.5% commission. But that's just the beginning. We go beyond the standard, offering a Boost Payment that significantly enhance your overall earnings.

After a property has been purchased, there are three possible things you can do with a property: you can assign the contract, fix & flip it, or hold it. We ensure that your substantial 3.5% commission (or finder's fee) is complemented by an additional Boost Payment.

  • If we assign the contract, you'll receive $2,500 from our 'Management & Services Fee'.

  • If we fix and flip, you can become the listing agent and earn an additional 3% commission.

  • If we buy and hold, we can JV on the deal and you'll get 10% of rental profits (via monthly checks) PLUS become the listing agent when we sell the property for an additional 3% commission.

Imagine the impact on your earnings. On a $200k house, your 3.5% commission is $7k. If we 'assign' the property, you'll also receive a Boost Payment of $2,500, which brings the total to $9,500. Send us a property just once a month, and you could be looking at an annual income of $114,000. Remember, the earnings potential is even higher with flips and holds — partnering with us just makes sense!

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Easy Submission Process

Ready to maximize your earnings? Simply fill out our property questionnaire. Within two business days, expect an email with our findings and next steps. We're actively seeking investment properties and motivated sellers. You can submit any property, whether it's your own listing or just a property in the neighborhood that you noticed is in severe distress.

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Ready to maximize your commission? Submit our property questionnaire today!